Finland, its forests and lakes, the contrast of its seasons and that with respecting of a nature inspiring calm but also…


 Finland, its music influenced in big part by their mythology. Soft language that inspires elves or familiar English. Rock, Hip-hop, Classic, Jazz or even metal. You can only find your happiness


Finland, who deserves to be discovered


On this website we will try to let you discover the Finnish music scene, about which some bands are worth to represent on the international scene but from where a good part sadly don’t have the recognition they deserve. Every band you will discover, every new fan those artists can get, every song you will listen by curiosity will be a little step for better knowing that music, their music.


We propose you a list of Finnish artists. For every of them you can find a video. If you like what you hear, you can find the needed info for following their actuality (Facebook), listen to more music of them (Spotify) and where buying their albums (Record Shop X). For this last, there may be a lot of places where to buy it but I chose this store simply as for me they are the best when it is about Finnish artists. We also give you the opportunity to talk about every band.



Like one of my models once said « Just support the band you dig.That´s your "job", that's what makes the rockmachine rolling ». If you like a band, if you want to make a real difference for them, just buy their music physical or digital but don't download it for free, don't kill music, make it live, give them the occassion to can do some more.


Suomi Rocks !


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