Kiitos for letting us interview you. Let's begin with discovering a bit more about the band. How did everything start ? What's the story of the band


Well, all started when me, Teemu and Joel met in military service 2009. We were in the marching band and me and Teemu jam a lot in there and we decide, that when we get out of military service, we should form a band. And we did it and start writing songs together in Teemus parents cellar. When we had a couple of songs finished, we asked our old friends Stavros (Lehtomäki) and Antti (Rantavuo) to join us and they said yes. But we didn`t have singer so we asked Joel to join us. We knew that he can do the job, because he was a singer of our marching band in military service and he also plays trumpet, so we figured out that mayby we can benefit that instrument also in our music and create something weard, but cool:D Joel said also yes and then we had all peaces together and REAL BAND. And now, in during years, we have done 2 demos, one EP called ``A new day`` and one full lenght album ``...As the Winds Blow On.`` And of course almost 60 gigs all over the Finland.

And mayby i need to mention that Antti and Stavros decide step aside of the band in this autumm, because they were too busy with their other projects. But there wasn`t any drama or bad vibe between us. We are still friends with them and band goes on. We found also immediately a new drummer (Aleksi Rantanen) and bass player (Ilmari Ahlgren). And i think that the band is now better than ever!

So mayby this is bandhistory in nutshel:D


From where does your name come from ? How did you get the idea for it?


Honestly i dont remember anymore how that name came from exactly. Mayby we just did some internet searching and try to figured out good name to our band. There was a many options and Bailout sounded the best, so we took that name.


On the 8th of April (May 13th internationally), your album called «..As The Winds Blow On» got released. Tell us more about it. What was atmosphere you wanted to give on it?


We started to record that album in autumm 2014 and i dont even remember when we were done, i meen all recordings, mixing, mastering etc. but it took a long time and it was little bit frutrating time for us. But still, recording sessions were nice and fun and after all, we get the album released and now we are really happy and proud of it and there`s absolutly the best songs what we have released so far.

And before when we started to record anything, we had almost 20 songs and we hade to choose the best ones and now 9 of them are on the record. And record is exactly that what we wanted it to be. Melodic, groovy and little pit epic too. And on that record we found really cool ways, how to use trumpet in this kind of music, so i think, in next record there`s gonna be even more that stuff, this is just a beginning:D


Are there any particular things that influence your music?


We all have our own favourites and it`s really hard to say what are our common influences. Hmm, i know that Teemu listen lot of metal and fusion stuff and Joel metal, rock and jazz. But my personal influences are mostly music from 80` like hairmetal and AOR but also pop and electronic. And i like so many kinds of music so this is always difficult question. But mayby my answer please you:D


Some of the people who will read this interview don’t know your music. What can you say for giving them desire to discover you?


If you like melodic hardrock with catchy melodies, huge vocalharmonies and if you are interested, what trumpet would sound like in this kind of music, you should check out band called Bailout and ``... As the Winds Blow On`` because it ROCKS!!


If someone will come to see you live, what kind of show will he/she see?


Really energetic and sweaty rockshow!


If you could recommend some Finnish artists to discover, who would they be?


Jean Sibelius. And why? because he was a master of everything in music! :)


Thank you for giving us some of your time. Is there something you want to say to FI Musica's followers ?


Well thank you for the interview. And followers: hope that we see you on the gigs, if you have any possibility come to see us on live. And of course check out ``As the Winds Blow On`` album. And if you like it, you can follow us in social media and see what`s coming in the future. See ya!!


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