New era and luckily for us, new interview. This time we could interview Mr Lordi

Below you will find the video of the interview

At their Belgian gig, we got the opportunity to interview Lordi, best known as the monsters who won the ESC

Below you will find the video of the interview but also the written version of it

Thank you for giving us some of your time and to accept this interview. Most people know you as the first hard rock band (also the first Finnish artist) who won the ESC. It’s now the occasion to make them see you are more than that.

Not far than 9 years are gone since the Eurovision. Until now you released 7 albums in total but also 2 movies (“The Kin” and “Dark Floors”), a documentary, 6 comics and you do gigs all over Europe. Still people keep seeing you as an Eurovision band. From where do you think it comes ?

L : Because people are fucking idiots and stupid

Each musician has their own character and you do new costumes with each album. Do you never regret to sometimes be more known for your monster image than for your music ?

L : No, no, no. Absolutely fuck no.Definitly not because let's face it, without the image, you know, we wouldn't be here. That's the thing you know. It's, it's, it's...well it's simple as that without this image, of course the image, you know this hold us back for getting a record deal for 10 years in the first place but also that it's one of the main reasons that we got this fucking deal and that's why we are still here. I mean if, euh, I don't think that we, we would be sitting here doing an interview and doing gigs and whatever. You know, I mean having so much fanatic fans and all that shit if we wouldn't be having this image, that's, that's for fact and you know the thing is that we are the prettiest band of the planet also

Talking about your music. If you have to describe each of your albums in 1 word, which word would it be ?

L : Get heavy...first. Monsterican Dream...second *laughs* no, no ok well Get heavy...”first”. Monsterican Dream...euh I will say like “ambitious” and ...well I can't do anything with fucking one word comon..euh Arockalypse...”rock”. I will say Arockalypse is rock. Deadache...”burn-out”. Euh...what was next...Babez...”my favorite”...euh euh...what was next...To Beast...”new beginning”...euh...Scare Force...euh...*to Hella* your turn
H : My turn
L : Yeah, say one word for Scare Force One. It’s easy, isn't it ?
H : Yes, I will say...”Lapland”
L : Lapland

Your first album came out in 2002. On the 31st of October you released your 7th studio album. How would you say that your music evolved ?

L : Not that much…Nahh, I mean..if you take an acoustic guitar, you can play pretty much every single song out of pretty every album and you will see that the basic melodies and the basic chords and the basic structures are still the same so in that way we haven’t evolved but…euhhh..when whenever there is a line-up change and I think the most drastic line-up change was when Hella and Mana came to the band because that’s when…that…that opened up so many new windows for us. Yeah that opened up new windows so I will say that , that, that made some, you know, evolvement in the music too because then, then we were able to do songs that we weren’t able to do before with the previous members..yeah…

Some people don’t know your music. What can you say for giving them the desire to discover you ? What can they expect of Lordi when it's about music and show ?

L : Easy questions, really easy, easy...what can they.. *to Hella* well your turn

H : what can they expect, euh *laughs*

L : Really easy questions

H : Live show or in the albums or general ?

FI musica : Both, in general..

H : Both..because live shows, I would say that even if you don’t like the music, there is still a lot to see

L : Yeah, yeah, yeah definitely.. when we are performing, we are entertainers that’s what we do live. We are not, at least I don’t think that we are musicians when we are on stage, we are entertainers, that’s what we do on stage. It’s a little bit different when we are in studio, that’s when we are artists..you know, euh and the thing is that whatever we do, we do it with, with lot of pride and we do it really seriously even the whole thing it, it isn’t that serious I mean we are not like..euh..we are not the dark people, you know, I mean we are pretty up optimistic and, and, euh, at least most of us *laughs* you know..I would say that, I don’t know, we, well we try our hardest not to suck

Who's the biggest chocolate addict between Hella and you ?

L : Between us two I think I am

H : Biggest ?

L : Biggest chocolate eater

H : I wouldn’t say so. I eat the whole box at once

L : You know what I did ? Same thing. Like eating in the ring little girl *laught* yeah, let’s have a contest

H : Let’s do that and I’ll die

L : Well I tell something. I got, I got for Christmas, I got two big boxes of Marabout, Swedish chocolate brand and it’s like…2,6kg of chocolate and it took like, it took maybe..I don’t know, 3 weeks

H : 3 weeks ? I would have eaten them in a day

L : No, 2,6kg

H: Yes *laughs*

L : Really ? Ok, we gotta do a contest

If you could recommend some Finnish artists to discover, who would they be ?

L : Well I would say something that nobody knows outside Finland, I would say Martti Servo…*to Hella* yeah, but you can say some bands that actually somebody knows outside Finland because you actually follow the scene, I don’t

H : I don’t know if I know the latest but I would actually this year recommend to everyone to watch Eurovision

L : Ouhhh.. yeah Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät or PKN as they are call now because nobody apparently cannot say Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät which is really fucking easy !

H : I think it’s a good band

L : Yeah, it is a good band, rock band


Thank you for giving us some of your time. Is there something you want to say to the FI Musica's followers ?

L : Something ?

FI musica: Just something

L : Is there something, I would say something …euh…Hi

H : Hi

L : Greetings and have a nice summer and a merry Christmas heavy and..

H : hyvä kesällä ja tervehtiä

L : it was really nice to be here in this interview




(Interviewed : Mr Lordi & Hella  Interviewer : Isa & Ginny)


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