Created in 2010, this band recently released their first album and gives us music who makes us meow from pleasure. When I asked them for this interview they nicely said yes. I'm glad it didn't mean a no. Let's discover more about this band named MIAU




Kiitos for letting us interview you. Let's begin with discovering a bit more about the band. How did everything start ? What's the story of the band ?

MIAU is a Finnish garage dance rock trio formed in 2010. The story tells that in the beginning we let the fortune decide which instruments each one of us would play. And that story’s the truth. The part we seldom tell is that all of us have already been with music for years. It lives in us and takes unexpected forms - that’s the best part, not knowing what happens next.

From where does your name come from ? How did you get the idea for it ?

We had a lot different ideas, we don’t exactly remember which of us suggested the name MIAU. But once the name was said, we all knew that MIAU was the right name for us. We also liked the visual appearance of the name.

You have a music style that isn’t usual. Not really pop, not really punk but as you call it, dancerock. Is there an aim for it ? From where do you find your inspiration ?

All three band members have quite a different background. Susanna (bass + vocals) has grown up with electronic music and worked as a dj and a radio host among other things. Anu (drums + vocals) has had her dose of Korn and Skunk Anansie as a teenager and Henna (guitar + vocals) has been in love with different pop/rock styles all her life and digged such artists as Alanis Morissette, Mariah Carey and Queen. Mixing all this together brings us right in the middle of what we like to call dancerock.

You released on the 30th of May your first album called «Trinity». Tell us more about it. What was atmosphere you wanted to give on it ?

Trinity is fueled by our different musical influences and we like to think that it shows through the album. We didn’t let any rules or boundaries keep us from going right where each song needed to go. The album gains its strength through feelings that bubble under the surface. Agony, desire and compulsion are the three themes that bind Trinity together.

You were one of the participants in the 2014 Finnish national selection for UMK and finished at the 3th place. What did you mind of that experience ? Would you say that it learned you things or made more people discover you ?

It was definitely a learning experience. Never before had we performed in a live TV show or had pyrotechnics on our gig.  It was clear from the start that we wanted to invest in the visual side of the performance as well as the musical side. 3rd place for us was far more than we dared to expect and we were thrilled of the results and of all the people that  got to know us!

Which advice would you give on a band like you, a band with 3 girls ?

It doesn’t matter if you’re girls or boys if you have a strong trio and have enough ideas and madness to go through with them.

If you need to choose one in all the songs you made, which one would it be and why ?

We choose Indan Call for the chills that we get each time performing this song. Indian Call slowly crawls out of its hiding place and lets you release whatever’s been aching to come out.

Some of the people who will read this interview don’t know your music. What can you say for giving them desire to discover you ?

For us MIAU is a test laboratory where different musical worlds collide. Hop in our car, and you might end up anywhere..!

If you want to recommend some Finnish artists to discover, who will they be ?

Color Dolor, My First Band, Madcraft, The Irrationals.. and many more. These are some of our favourites that make music in english.

Thank you for giving us some of your time. Is there a last word you want to say ?

Thank you, hope to see you one day in our live concert!



(Interviewer : Isa)


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