Founded in 2008, this trio (originally they were with 4) give us some good melodic pop-rock, folk music with still having that thing who makes them being different.

Their first album « Secret Whale » got published on the 23th of November 2012. Their second album « Minuntai » got published on the 3th of October 2014. Both are pretty different of each other but lets see how.

Secret Whale is an album where the vocals are in English. It has more a kind of pop-rock ambiance and gives more a feeling of being a happy album. It's not really an album with only one direction or one ambiance but more one where every of 11 songs (13 for the deluxe edition) have their own identity. The drummer Tyko Haapala was at that moment still a part of the band and you can sometimes find some electronic sounds in the songs. You more hear drums and electric guitar.

Minuntai is an album where the vocals are in Finnish. The album is semi-acoustic and more folk than pop-rock. It somewhere makes me think on winter when the snow is there. I wouldn't say the ambiance is sad or really dark, more like nostalgic. I can't really explain why but the image who comes in my head is really being inside a house with a good fire who warms you during you look outside at the snow and remember some moments of your life. You hear a lot of instruments but no drums and more sounding acoustic guitar, more soft like it's a story who's sung

I advice you to go discover both of their albums. You may prefer one on another or, like me, appreciate the two but privilegiate one on the other depending of the mood of the day but hear the evolution is pretty interesting even not all may like it.



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(Review by Isa)

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