At the 21st of October 2016, I could finally hear “Empyrean & Ophidian”, Amendfoil’s second album and believe me that I was impatient but at the same time a bit afraid. I found their first album so great that I had an expectation that was pretty high and could then easily be disappointed.

I ordered the album beforehand but the time that it arrived, I must wait the end of a work day who seemed long before finally connecting me on Spotify . That album is a…….KILLER



If you liked their 1st album, you will for sure like this one as they really kept everything what worked well, it is a continuation.



That album is well more in variation, even in one song you can have a change of rhythm, speed, vocals but with staying metal all the time. If the word for describing their first album was “energy”, here I would hesitate between “variation” and “melodic”, as most songs have a melody that stays in your head. From there, most songs are still energetic. I think for example on “Catharsis” that I can’t listen to without moving. Kind of song that certainly gives even better live.



I liked the drums on the first album, I still like it here but this time my personal preference will go more to the vocals.



I loved their first single “The Passenger” since the first listening and it stays my favorite song of the album. My other favorites one are “Dead Wrong” and “Silver Linings”.



There is well one thing that I regret. For really enjoying the album, good hearing every instrument apart, you need to put the volume high otherwise it sounds a bit flat (what makes a song sounding a lot less energetic) but if you want to enjoy long of music without getting hearing problems, a too high volume isn’t recommended.





Coming from Tampere, Amendfoil released their debut album « Skyline Escape » in 2013.

When listening to their album, one of my first thoughts was that when being in need of energy, listening to them is much more efficient than an energy drink.

Energetic is definitly the word who defines their music the best. It's heavy, it's fast and it's fucking good with a personal mention for the drums...ouhhh yeah

I heard about them since a certain time already but I never gave the deserved attention on their album until now. A bit like if I somewhere was waiting the good moment where I can fully focus on it. After discovering the album correctly, I directly ordered it.

I would like to do a special mention for the song « Welcome to Stay ». When hearing those parts sung slow, it gave me goosebumps.

If you don't know them, go discover them. For sure a band to follow and I wouldn't be surprise that they may go far


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(Review by Isa)

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