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Hellcity 13 is a band playing hard-, glam- , gothic-, pop- rock (with a touch of disco). Created in 2004, they released their first album “Hellcity 13” in 2007.


The band is formed by 2 singers (a man and a woman), 2 guitarists, a bassist, a keyboardist and a drummer. When being with 7, the stage can fast be small but count on them for still create the ambiance.


Today I would like to teach you a bit more about their album and why not giving you the desire to go listen to it.


The album begins with a sound remembering the sea and a piano intro followed by the most known song of the band…”In Love With Love”. Until now, the only song for where there’s a clip. It directly introduces you to one of the specificity of HC13. They have two singers, you can hear as much from Mika as from Susannah and certainly here. The song is about those people who are more in love of the feeling to be in love than of their partner.


Let’s dance but let’s be careful because the “American Psycho” may be on your side. Second song of that album is definitely my favorite of the album. Those who know the book of Bret Easton Ellis, may see the lyrics of that sound differently and guess the inspiration. Others may simply enjoy the music who gives desire to move.


That album also learns us that if you will do it, it will be “One By One” and step by step and that getting high is a “Shortcut to Hell”, you better run run run run run run away for maybe finishing in that place called “Masquerade”, where the crowd welcomes you to the night. They will look at you in your eyes because the eyes never lie, at least for a “Dead End” Love.


Next song “In Your Eyes” is based on a story that the guitarist LL Stud experienced and what somehow inspired Mika


“Is Anybody Out There” is the song who touched me the most. Majority of us already had the impression to have no one loving us or this impression to be surrounded by darkness. When it happens, we feel lonely and it’s exactly that “is there anybody out there who feels the same way as I do” and answer is yes, there is but it’s that you just don’t always find that person directly


Life is all future and past and sometimes present can become “Yesterday’s News”. That song is about when a love story ends, when present becomes past because there is no future.


When it happens, we may mind “My World has stopped”. That last song is the perfect follower of the previous sound. Certainly the most sad song of the album. The song is sung only by Susannah accompanied by Mr Kess on the keyboard.


When we only look at the lyrics of the songs, we can’t say that it is a positive album, we would mind that it’s even the contrary. When you listen to that album without doing attention on the lyrics, you will mind that it’s a happy album as it gives you desire to move, to sing with them. That is the force of the band, singing about sad things with still putting you in a good mood. This impression that yes, there is someone who can understand some of your feelings.


Always in love with love, they will not become yesterday’s news for me



Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Hellcity13


Reverbnation : http://www.reverbnation.com/hellcity13


A nice interview of them : http://tempelores.com/?p=148



(Review by Isa)

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