Recently I went to Finland for a few days and there I got the occasion to discover this band from Äetsä.


They were playing as opening act and I already listened to their music (thanks Youtube) and found they weren’t bad but I was waiting to see them live for making me a real idea of them.


If on a video they aren’t bad, live they are killer !


The sound check was already promising and they fast catched my attention but I wasn’t the only one. At the beginning of the show, there weren’t a lot of people in front of the stage. Before the end of the first song, people were moved there and fast the ambiance began.


If you aren’t a metal fan or you don’t support rough vocals, you may ask you what I found in them. But even without being fan of rough vocals, you can hardly really stay indifferent when seeing them live if metal is in your heart.


I will let you make your own thoughts about them with this video :


Band is composed by :


Matti Hiitti - Vocals
Ville Ritala - Guitars
Hannu Nieminen - Guitars
Aaro PelttariBass
Eemeli ForssDrums


Their name is Koitos and I recommend them. ..


Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/koitos


(Review by Isa)

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