Mana Mana



Mana Mana was a Finnish singing band doing a mixture of punk, metal, heavy stoner, goth and death rock with a bit of grunge.


Formed in 1986, they released 2 studio albums in total. « Totuus Palaa » in 1990 and « Murheen Laakso » in 2000. A live album « Kuolla Elävänä-live 2001 » in 2004. 3 singles & EP’s, « Maria Magdalena » in 1988, « Raptori/Suikki » in 1990 « Hän On Paha » and 2 compilations « Complete...Kaikki » in 1996 and « 2000-2001 » in 2004 but only one album and 2 singles got released when they were still fully active.


Jouni Mömmö, their vocalist, wrote all the lyrics who were often pretty dark as they were filled with death, insanity and stories of love gone wrong. They were also often depressing and mentally disturbed. It can be explained by the fact that he suffered from schizophrenia. In October 1991, he committed suicide by taking an overdose of drugs.


After his death, the band played many live shows as a tribute with 2 different vocalists, They kept on releasing some of their songs, live or compilation and after their official split-up (in 2001), the former members continued performing under the name « Murheen Laakso »


Many Finnish artists have covered the Mana Mana songs in their live acts or even recorded their own cover versions. A band can stop but the music stays. It's never too late for discovering the music of a band.


(Review by Isa)

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