When I decided to create FI musica, I began with searching Finnish bands and do a list. When I discovered that there was a band called MIAU, I had to smile and somewhere see it like a kind of sign. I took some info about them and a part of me was expecting not to like them as it is not really the kind of music I usually listen to. But let’s see if in the end I was right or not.

Enemies” my first mind was “Ah, ok..electronic music” but to my surprise I fast began singing along and totally forget the music for focusing on the main rhythm of the song. It was just the beginning…

War of Hearts”. I like the music of that song, simple but efficient. Can you hear, can you feel, can you see...

If you can once listen to this song when being outside, just close your eyes and focus on the lyrics of the song. Really try for example to feel the air. You will certainly see this song with other eyes

God/Drugs” is the song with who the band in 2014 competed in the Finnish Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu, whose winner gets to represent Finland in the ESC.

It is also my favorite song of the album. I see it like a song talking of those persons about who we are so crazy in love with, that we can't live without them (drugs) but also that we love them too much for seeing their defaults (god). The kind of feeling who can make us being good but also so crazy when it isn't how we want, when a other girl/guy look at that person. When love go so far that it destroys us...like a drug can when going too far.

Indian Call” : I have mind a lot on what I could say about this song and I didn’t find, simply because explaining feelings isn’t easy. It’s not a question of good or bad but more that this song gives so many feelings and I can listen to it twice and feel two other opposite feelings so I just advice you to listen to it and I hope you will then understand what I mean

Cowgirl on the run”. “In the middle of the night…”. I like the drums on that one and I also like to good hear when and how the other instruments are added on it. Kind of song who makes us understand it’s not needed to have a lot of instruments with a lot of effects on it for making something nice

Car & Gasoline”. What can I say about that song ? It’s short (55sec). Not a bad song but really too short in my opinion for can say more than that

Scream my name. I will say listen good to the lyrics. I first didn’t do it just enjoyed the general tempo of song but the lyrics make you see the song differently. For me it wasn’t in a bad way

Yes mean No” : «I say yes and yes means no» is so typical of women trying to make something understand on men. Things that they can't understand as for them «yes is yes» when for us it can mean so many things. To all the men, if there is one rule YOU SHOULD know it's that when a women says yes, it can also mean no.

Pet Sematary”. Cover of the music from movie Simetierre originally played by The Ramones. This song is more dark and the vocals are somewhere much more present than the instruments. It’s a change who gives another view of the band.

I will resume by say that MIAU was really a good surprise for me. If you love a band, you buy their albums and it’s exactly what I did and even after listening to it a lot, I still enjoy it. If you want to discover them, what I hope, their album is called Trinity.

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(Review by Isa)

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