Minutian is a progressively inclined rock/metal group based in Helsinki, Finland. In May 2011, they released their favourably received debut album “Repercussions”. At January 30th, they will release their second album “Inwards”.

That album is dedicated to the memory of Jaakko Jernberg, their previous guitarist who died in an accident in February 2012.


Inwards is composed by 9 tracks :

  1. Hollow Heroics

  2. On Derelicts Sidings

  3. The Crust of the Earth

  4. Void Within

  5. Onus

  6. Burning Bright

  7. Manifest

  8. Aphelion

  9. Reedemer


Reedemer is a song that Jaako Jernberg composed and wrote lyrics for.

If Minutian can also be considered as a metal band, Inwards itself is definitely more a progressive rock album. It’s not that rock played fast but more calm and all in emotion. The instruments definitely help to show that emotion, certainly with the addition of piano (arrangements done by Elias Patrikainen).

When listening to that album, the impression I had the most was that the band uses music for expressing their feelings after the loss of their friend. That it is sadness or angriness, you somewhere find the evolution back that you may feel when you lost someone and just don’t understand, don’t accept until you learn to live with it.


If there is one song that I must advice you, it is “Aphelion”. I can’t really explain why this one more than the others. I guess the emotions of that song touched me more but it is of course only a question of taste. The best is still that at the 30thof January, you go discover yourself which of their songs will touch you the most.


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Official Website : www.minutian.com



(Review done by Isa)

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