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Usually what I love is rock and metal, some good heavy metal or 80s hard-rock. Still I like the music of that band. You can believe me when I say that I started listening to them with a big prejudice, my first thought was « Ok I see, again a boyband like One Direction » and there are indeed some similarities.

Satin Circus plays melodic pop music and got founded in 2010 by 4 friends who wanted to play positive and energetic music together. The band composes, writes and plays songs themselves.

In 2012 they won the competition Popturné and got signed by Sony. In April 2013, they released their first single and music video and in September of the same year, the second single.

On the 14th of February 2014, their first album « Expectations » came out.

From the album I specially advice you « Sleep Tonight » which has beautiful lyrics. A love song can be something else then « you are so beautiful, I love you » and the band prooves it well. I also love « Popster » which has a good energy, it's a song you want to sing along with and which stays in your head. Their first single « Emma » is a song which certainly will have more success by teenagers as they will more find themselves in the lyrics

Their album is indeed positive and energetic music. From there you may like or not but even when you think that you won’t like it, just take a try. You may be surprised in a good way. They start pretty well, now the question is « will it stay so ? » I hope it for them and I have the impression that they have the possibility to make their music evolve at the same time that they will do that in their lives. If not, they at least would’ve had a good time and gave us some nice songs



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(Review done by Isa)

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