Most of the time when you listen to a metal band, the instruments that you hear the most are guitars and/or drums. On some songs of “Sky Divided”, it’s still the case in the song who introduces the album, you clearly hear the keyboards and I like that. Without really knowing why this song makes me smile, would I say that the album is happy ? No, but for sure it isn’t a sad album too.


Every song have their identity but with still totally feeling together exactly like each would be a chapter of the same book and it’s very interesting how we can hear every instrument, sometimes one more than another but always every of them .


Simulacrum have kept the whole production cycle within the band, making this album a good example of what they really want to propose. The story and visual style of the album strongly reflects the interests of composer/keyboardist Chrism and lyricist/singer Niklas.



It’s the kind of band I would be curious to see live for seeing if they are as good than on the album. As for the moment they only play in Finland, I personally can’t but if you are from Finland, you can go see them on :


11.12.2015 - Katse, Jyväskylä

12.12.2015 - Dog's Home, Tampere (+Masterstroke)



If you like Stratovarius, Dream Theater, progressive metal in general, Mad Max, War of the Worlds, Fahrenheit 451, the Fallout game series and Alien, then you can definitely like this labour of love that “Sky Divided” is and if you are curious to see them live, you can also contact your local promotor and try to let them come by you.



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 Twitter : @simulacrumtweet



(Review done by Isa)

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