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Let's talk about the band first:


The Hypothesis is a modern melodic death metal-act formed during deadly cold winter 2009 in Kouvola, Finland. Nowadays Helsinki-based band swears in the name of heaviness, groove & catchy melodies, still not forgetting the technically played crunchy riffs. The Hypothesis main man Juuso Turkki came up with the band’s name wanting to create an individual state of imagination.


This band is composed of 5 members:


Antti Seppälä (vocals)

Juuso Turkki (guitar)

Asko Sartanen (guitar)

Markku "Neissu" Ruuskanen (bass)

Waltteri Väyrynen (drums)


In 2009 The Hypothesis recorded an EP named “Nightshade”. In January 2011 “Nightshade”-EP was followed by 2 singles “Weak Story” and “Shades To Escape”. The Hypothesis had their first line-up changes when a drummer called Rolf Pilve (from Stratovarius) joined the band. With Rolf The Hypothesis recorded their third single, Scarface.

Thanks to all their releases The Hypothesis has conquered many famous festival-stages in Finland as Nummirock and Qstock. The band qualified as a winner from Finland’s Wacken Metal Battle qualifiers in Qstock-festival. The Hypothesis has also shared stages with melodic death & doom giants like Swallow The Sun, Scar Symmetry, Wolfheart & Before The Dawn.


In the fall 2012 The Hypothesis started with a new line-up and locked themselves in the middle of a dark forest of Viitasaari to record their debut-album, "Origin”. After almost four-year-silence The Hypothesis recruited the last new members from Finnish metal scene whom have contributed in bands like Naildown, Paradise Lost, Dimebad Beyond Forever, Dead Shape Figure, Codeon etc..


This is in 2016 that they finally released their first music video of the song "Eye for an Eye".


Now it's time to talk about their new release :


The tracklist is composed of 9 songs:


01. Shades To Escape

02. Leak

03. End Of Your Days

04. Scarface

05. Exit

06. Atonement

07. Eye For An Eye

08. Weak Story

09. Second Chance


This record is really interesting. A big and heavy sound mix with keyboards who reminds me a bit the 70's songs.

The mix between grunts, growls and clear voice is pretty good too.

Heavy songs for an heavy atmosphere. This record is full of destructive and powerful melodies.


In each songs we can feel what the band wanted to show to us, the song "Leak", "Eye for an Eye" and "Exit" are the songs the most destructives, these songs is like the brutal part of the band.

The song "Atonement" give us the opportunity to appreciate a clear voice and not-too-brutal-song. Kindda like a break.


The last song or music "Second chance" give a cool atmosphere with again those 70's keyboards perfectly mixed with these guitar riffs and solo, heavy bass, cool drums and different rythms.


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(Review by Marianne Agrat)

Spellchecked by Kath

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