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The Lidocaine started life in as a rock band, but found themselves turning to metal, especially progressive metal, when they went from being a trio to a band of four after various changes in their line up.


Chicken Cage of Horror is their third album which was released on the 13th March 2015 by Inverse Records and featuring Lucie Niemelä singing lead vocals to metal ballad "Too late to escape "and Jaakko “Insestor” Suhonen and Olli “Basilisk” Teirilä, who did some additional growl vocals to 4 songs.




Chicken Cage of Horror- With a name like that, how could I not be intrigued? It opens up like a horror movie score. Going from tantalising notes to threatening beats with ease.


The vocals fit in well with the loud tunes, plenty of passion and fierce voice work. The beat stays string throughout, ensuring that you’ll want to be up and moving around along to the tune the whole way through.


Empty Space (Devil’s Blog)- This one is much faster from the offset, while being a touch more melodic. Who knew the devil would have so much to chat about?


This song is a little calmer in tone, the music is still loud and fun, but this time the vocals tell more of a story. This is the sort of thing I like to sit and listen to while working, it’s fun and interesting but won’t put you off your rhythm.


The end of the beginning or the beginning of…- This one would put you off your rhythm, but in a good way. The melody is harsher and it’s the kind of song you want to listen to while throwing things around the room.


It reminds me of the frustration you feel when something changes out of your control in a big way. I would strongly recommend this one to anyone needing to vent.


Too Late to Escape-A ballad, this one calms the soul a little for the listener. Instead of raging against circumstance, this song seems to accept that there are some things you can never change.


It’s a good song for a broken heart or a melancholy evening. It seems the kind of song best listened to with a drink in hand.


Fabrication- This song wakes your heart rate up after the last song, a much quicker tune with a more determined sound.


This one is generally more upbeat to me, it’s the sort of song that gives me a mental boost and wakes me up when I have a lot to do. There’s something very enjoyable about the song as a whole and it keeps the strong tunes from the start of the album.


Onion of Chastity-In this song, we get more of a thrashing chorus, good for letting yourself go! Despite the name, this one won’t make you cry but may make you want to start a mosh pit if one hasn’t spontaneously erupted in your living room.


Zest for Life- Some fantastic guitar work in this one, it’s the kind of song you’d play in a car chase scene in a movie. There’s some good beats to this with fun vocals, it’s easy to have some fun with this one.


Retrobution- The beginning has the feel of an abandoned factory, the kind of atmosphere you’d get in a Silent Hill game, before introducing ominous vocals.


To me, it honestly feels like the sort of music you’d hear before facing a final boss in a game. When you have that heart-dropping moment of realisation that you’re facing something highly badass.


Throat of a Monster-Lots of screaming and strings in this one, I like the heavy tunes which reminds me of old favourites from some of the best horror movies I know. This is a good one when you’re doing something deliciously wicked.


Voyage of Discovery-The album ends on a strong note, another song that seems to tell a story. It reminds me of heroes’ quests and epics about ancient warriors. This song keeps the strong beats and tunes that are a signature of the album as a whole, rounding off the whole enjoyable experience.



The Lidocaine are Anthony Rausku on vocals and guitar, Eroz on vocals and guitar, Tatu Hiltunen on bass and Jari Vanhanen on drums. Their first single “Life is Beautiful” was published on 25th January 2013.


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