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V for Violence (most simply name them the V) is an alternative metal band founded in 2007 by Jarkko Lähderanta, Miikki Kunttu and Janne Salo.


In 2009, they released their first album “The Cult of V”. One of their two studio engineers for that album was Tonmi Lillman.


I discover the band in 2012 when working on an article talking about Tonmi. I listened to their album at that occasion and to be honest, it wasn’t really my thing. Still I kept on following the band from far. They somewhere proposed something else and I found that interesting.


I expected to feel the same for “The Book of V” that I felt for their debut album. In the end, I found their second album much better. I can recognize their style and vocals are still not always my style but here it’s something I can go over and get used to it.


The band’s singer, Jarkko Lähderanta, said about the album that they paid more attention on the details and that it sounds groovy and aggressive, yet melancholically melodic. It’s exactly that, a mix of aggressive and melodic that somewhere gives me an impression of angriness becoming sadness (or vice-versa).


Some music is so strong in feelings that they make you feel like they sound but it’s here not the case. It is more that when you are very pissed on the point that you want to break something, listening to the album can be a good option.


“The Book of V” featuring Olli Vänskä (Turisas), Tommi Salomaa (ex-Wankers of the Zoo Crew), Anna Grundström (Milargo) and Mr Bunny with his bandmate Nooz (Cold Cold Ground) got released August 28th 2015 via Inverse Records.



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(Review by Isa)

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