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Vetten Äpärät is a six member folk metal band founded in 2006, who consider themselves second generation Finnish folk metal artists as they were influenced by those who came before.

Members are Sami Ferm on Vocals and Flutes, Aleksi Kulmala on Lead Guitar, Leo Lemmetty playing Rhythm Guitar and singing Backing vocals, Jarmo Luopa playing Bass and singing Backing vocals, Irene Penttonen on Keyboard and Anton Nisonen on Drums.

Their single Sydäntalven Viha starts out with a strumming tune reminiscent of a fairy tale movie adaption, when minstrels entertained princes and maidens fair. This soon breaks into a much harder tune as the vocals kick in with gusto.

The vocals begin in true minstrel fashion, making you feel as though you’re hearing an epic saga, before roaring into your ears with the strength of a minotaur.

I found this one very entertaining, the song stays tuneful throughout, giving you something you can either hum or scream along with happily and the imagery ranges from a firelit ballroom to a wild hunt in the frozen woods, for me anyway.

Listeners can definitely enjoy drawing their own conclusions, but it’s a sure winner in terms of quality.

The band want to take the genre to the next level by creating a folk metal lifestyle beyond playing and recording music, built on the strong base of Nordic melodic metal ranging from skull crushing low tuned sounds to traditional folk melodies.

They built their music on the strong base of Nordic melodic metal, ranging from skull crushing low tuned sounds to traditional folk melodies. The vocals invoke the harsh but beautiful life in the northern realm and visually their goal is to create an authentic theatre-like concept. The band’s style is inspired by the flora and fauna of folklore.

The single will be released on March 27th 2015. Vetten Äpärät is currently preparing the debut album to be released on autumn 2015.



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